My name is Frak. I am a front-end developer focused on building quality products for people and getting stuff done. I like building, tinkering, discussing ideas and drinking coffee. If you don't find me at my desk you can find me walking the pup around the neighborhood.


I try to learn from everything. I think it’s incredibly important to keep on improving. In the same way, I try to share whatever knowledge I have whenever I can. A lot …

Pre-Game I am not a huge sports fan. I like playing sports but I don’t much care to watch or talk about sports in general. I will gladly go to a sports party or any liv…

This guy

Learning, tinkering and creating is what makes me happy.

I’m always learning and building something new. Learning to play guitar. Learning how to make a better cup of Coffee Imagecoffee (more on this in a bit). Hacking on mobile games. Even building an Arduino powered Arduino Lamp Imagelamp (controlled by my phone).

There’s just something about having an idea and bringing it to life that I get a great sense of joy out of. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

When I’m not tinkering or creating, I enjoy group activities. Like trivia night at the Drink Image bar, Boardgames Image board games with friends or simply just hanging out and enjoying interactions with other people. Sharing experiences and ideas, watching community grow together.

I currently call sunny San Diego, CA home where I live with my beautiful Team Image partner in crime, Elena Image Elena and our super pup, Graham Image Graham. The three of us are often out soaking up some sun, taking a breath and Chill Spot Image relaxing with the pup.

So Coffee Image coffee, huh? I love coffee. Roasting it, smelling it, brewing it, drinking it. But a great cup of coffee? A GREAT cup of coffee is much like a successful software project – it takes preparation, teamwork(roaster/barista v. designer/developer) and patience. It requires a lot of things going well, working together in concert, one after another. That’s what makes a great cup of coffee (and products).