Men v. Women

February 23rd, 2016

Men v. Women

The argument of men versus women has always been prevalent. Thanks to the current political lineup however, there is definitely a brighter spotlight on it. I wanted to put some of my own ideas on the subject out there.

Please note: the reader should assume no political intentions from this post.


If looked at as machines, men and women have two very different purposes. In general, men are stronger and faster.

To be clear, I am not saying there aren’t women that are stronger or faster than men. I know there are a ton of women that are both stronger and faster than me (That’s not saying much though, since I’m not the greatest physical specimen ;) but you get the point). No, if you take the best athletes in the world and compare men to women, women just don’t stand a chance.

Men are hunters. They have to be strong. They need to be fast. They need to be able to combat large prey and perhaps sometimes quickly get away from large predators. They need to defend against potential aggressors. Fight off other strong men. Perhaps outrun other strong men.

Top Fuel Dragster

If men were machines, they’d be high energy, high impact and low complexity. As a car, they’d be top fuel dragsters. Super loud, super fast machines that expend lots of energy very quickly. Having exactly what’s necessary to go down the strip as fast as possible and nothing else.


Women are pretty much the opposite of men. I am not breaking any ground here. This is kind of a known. Women aren’t as strong as men. They aren’t as fast either. Their attributes aren’t in the physical so much (except for the baby making but that’s not the focus here because on that alone we would have our winners and that would make for an extremely short post!). No, their largest attribute is their minds. They are community builders.

While the men were out hunting, gathering, drinking beer, what have you… The women were building communities. Fostering the wealth of the group as a whole. Womens’ natural talents/inclinations are in communication, understanding and empathy. It makes sense given that they are the mothers. They are the mothers to children and the mothers to communities.

Tesla Model S

If women were machines, they’d be very efficient and highly integrated. As a car they’d be a Tesla Model S. Lots of consideration for it’s function and of course it’s form ;).

(Small aside, have you ever noticed that when men are tired they are just OUT. Nothing left. However, when women are tired they still have the energy to do all kinds of things. Whenever my wife is sick, she still manages to knock out all kinds of tasks. Whenever I am sick, I am useless! I think this is because women have to have reserves for the sake of preservation. Something goes down and women have to have some juice left to preserve the future.)

The Problem

In general, men are stronger and faster than women. We can safely agree on that, yes? Problem is, who cares? In modern society, when was the last time you had to run a long distance out of necessity? When was the last time you HAD to lift more than 10lbs? What about to save your life? When did you ever have to literally fight for your food? I don’t mean someone cut in line at Shake Shack and you had to throw down to get your burger, although I guess that technically counts.

No, in the modern world, we need to focus on building communities. We need to be thoughtful about what impact we are having on the world. We need to engage with other cultures and keep pace with a quickly evolving landscape.

In a world where the digital realm is the new wilderness, physical brawn and speed don’t matter anymore, communication does.

So if we want to judge the sexes by “natural” inclinations, then sure, maybe up until the turn of the century men were better suited to run the world. In the modern world however, if men and women aren’t equally suited then surely women are better equipped to run it.

The truth

There is no better sex. We are two halves to the same coin. To make a better world we’ll need both working together. As men we should use our strength to support women while women continue to bind us all together. Together let’s build communities out of empathy and inclusion.


The Earth is a sphere, equal and symmetrical, let’s reflect that in our society.

Only the beginning…

This is just the beginning of the conversation. There is obviously more to delve into but if I tried to put down all my thoughts on the subject, I would never stop writing. Instead I invite your thoughts/questions on the subject or just general chattery. Send me a tweet @dev_vine.

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